How to wash? The following 5 tips will simply explain how you get the perfect result so that every piece of clothing looks new.

Tips for washing and drying:

  1. 1) We recommend that you sort your laundry into different piles (black/dark colored and light colored/white) - we have baskets for you. Check your pockets for any items, you do not want to wash your cell phone, keys tissues!

  2. 2) To dry wet clothes always use a dryer bigger than washing machine. There will be enough room for drying, which will make the process gentle and clothes will be even fluffier.

  3. 3) The dryer excess lint from fabric during the drying cycle. Please clean the lint filter before beginning your cycle.

  4. 4) Your clothes will give an impression of being newer. Most of the clothes are beautifully straight after after drying, and often ironing is not needed, which also saves your time and money.

     Within an hour of pleasantly spent time, for example using our free Wi-Fi, you will leave European-Laundry with clean and dry laundry.

As you can see from our photos we have created a very pleasant environment for washing and drying!