European-Laundry self-service laundry opened on February 23, 2016 at Koněvova 1160/92, Praha 3. Students, tourists, entrepreneurs but also the general public all have a unique opportunity to wash and dry their everyday laundry as well as bulky items within one hour, any day of the week. It is possible to wash for an exceptional price of less than CZK 10 per 1 kg.
  A professional laundry detergent, fabric softener and natural based disinfection, which are dispensed automatically, are included in the price. 

It's here !


A newly renovated space at Koněvova 1607/93, Prague 3, only 200m from the crossroad Ohrada has been opened after several months of preparations.

Customers can use up to 5 washing machines at one time and dry their laundry in 5 dryers.

"Our largest machine can hold up to 18kg of laundry and then it can be dried in a dryer with a capacity of 25 kg. All European-Laundry washing machines and dryers are new, with stainless steel drums"  adds Mr. Vladimir Palamarchuk, the owner of the first self-service laundry European-Laundry.

Self-service laundry is very popular abroad. This method of washing and drying is also becoming very popular in the Czech Republic. It is used mainly by students who don´t have to carry dirty clothes to their parents, tourists who do not want to use the services of expensive hotel laundry.

If you use the capacity of all 5 washing machines you can wash up to a whopping 62 kg of laundry at one time.

Trousers, shirts, bed sheets, blankets, pillows, coats, curtains – everything fits in new clean washing machines and it can be dried immedately. The laundry will be fresh and fluffy.

Come and try the luxury of a quick self-service laundry, where you will have a load done in an hour, plus you can use a free Wi-Fi.