Washing and drying is really quick and easy in self-service laundry room European-Laundry. You will achieve a professional result in just an hour.

Our public laundry room is designed as a self-service, however, during the initial weeks after the opening there will be a qualified staff available to help you with your washing and drying. In case there is no staff available, you can contact us.

Our large-capacity machines are easy to use


 Our large-capacity machines are equipped with automatic dosing of professional detergent and fabric softener, both included in the price of your washing. The instruction manual is available in English on info panels.


To use our washers and dryers follow the instructions below.

To leave with a wet laundry would be only a half-done job. Dry your laundry quickly in professional laundry machine at European-Laundry

For clothes that have been washed in our 10 kilograms washing machine choose 14 kg dryer. For clothes that have been washed in our 14 and 18 kilograms washing machine choose a 14 and 25 kg dryer. Place your wet laundry into the selected dryer and follow the instructions above


Drying symbols will guide you to choose proper drying program:


  For drying symbols found on your clothes choose proper drying temperature. 
  • Drying time depends on the quantity of clothes and type of fabric. The drying time can be extended by inserting additional tokens or coins before the end of the drying cycle or you can repeat the whole process, if you see that the clothes are still damp. 
  • For optimal drying results, we recommend to dry 25 to 30 minutes
  • Remove dry clothes. It will be beautifully fluffy. If some pieces are still damp, set the dryer for another drying cycle (15 minutes).

Tips for washing and drying 

 We recommend to sort out your laundry into piles (black / dark colored and light colored / white) – we have baskets ready for you. Check out your pockets. You do not want to wash your cell phone, keys or tissue.

To dry wet clothes always use a dryer bigger than a washing machine. There will be enough room for drying, which will make the process gentle and clothes will be even fluffier.



The dryer collects excess lint from fabric during the drying cycle. Your clothes will give an impression of being newer. Most of the clothes are beautifully straight after drying, and often ironing is not needed, which also saves your time and money.

In an hour of pleasantly spent time, for example using the free Wi-Fi, you leave the laundry European-Laundry with a clean and dry laundry, that is ready-to-wear. 

As you can see from our photos we created a very pleasant environment for washing and drying.